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Every Christmas my heart wanes when the wreath is taken down from the door. The wreath is a symbol of everlasting joy, hope and love to all that are welcomed at your door. From loved far-off relatives to close friends and most of all the family that reside with you. The glory of an opulent wreath adoring your door is a sign of ‘home’ a place of sanctuary and love.

I decided that these symbols of devotion, love and friendship should not just represent the Christmas period alone. Wreaths are a beautiful addition to any door and present a wonderful welcome greeting which should adorn your door throughout the year.

All our wreaths display a stunning array of premium faux flowers. Each wreath is bespoke and lovingly handmade.

No two wreaths will ever be the same, just as the families they represent. Skilfully created, a unique design of lavish, sumptuousness welcoming your guests into your home throughout the year and to remind you of the love of family every time you open your door.

Julie Peters (Co-founder)   

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