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  • How do I hang my wreath
    All our wreaths come with a sturdy metal hanger which fits over most doors, alternatively use the vintage twine attached to each wreath to secure on your own hook.
  • How do I clean my wreath
    Our wreaths are delicate so we recommend a light shake every so often is best. Alternatively, use a compressed air aerosol or the blow function on your vacuum if your vacuum has one. We dont recommend suction vacuuming or washing your wreath.
  • How do I ensure my wreath remains in top condition
    In addition to light cleaning, we recommend our wreaths are securely fastened to your door so that they don't freely swing if you slam the door. We would also recommend that pets or children avoid contact or handling the wreaths, the individual flowers and foliage are not designed for robust handling.
  • How big are the wreaths
    Each design is individual, so exact sizes will vary, diameters are from 55cm (21.65 inch) to 69cm (27.16 inch). Each wreath is designed to fit a standard 76.2 cm (30 inch) door.
  • What makes our wreaths different
    Our wreaths are bespoke individual designs. Each design dictates the number and variety of flowers required to achieve a truly stunning wreath. Each wreath is created on a willow base, followed with a generous bed of foliage before each individually selected flower is then added. Pricing will vary depending on the type of flowers used and on the number of flowers in each wreath.
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